Cindy Hasenfang – Granite Shoals

John and his company were a pleasure to work with. I felt comfortable working with him from the beginning. We had complications from the outset as our property was lake property, which entailed a complicated issue with LCRA that we had known nothing about. John and an associate(s) contacted LCRA to find out the process of what we needed to do and continued to follow up on our behalf. I am extremely appreciative of that. As far as responsiveness, if he was unavailable when I called/texted, he got back to me as soon as he was able, which was never a very long time. Negotiation skills-I certainly felt he had very good ones, getting the buyer to share in an unexpected expense that had come up. Certainly never would have thought of that myself. Overall, I would highly recommend John Cotten and his company. They were professional, knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with during a trying and stressful real estate transaction.